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Mobile exchange & Digital currency wallet

Mobile wallet

A convenient and secure mobile wallet for all your crypto-funds

Multiple blockchain assets

One wallet for them all. Store and trade all your digital assets from a single convenient application

Mobile exchange

Exchange between your crypto & traditional currencies directly from your mobile device

Secure offline storage

Convenient or secure? How about both - and you control how much of your assets are stored offline

No exchange fees

Get 10x your TKA token balance in free trading volume on the exchange each month, every month

Multiple traditional currencies

Convert your crypto assets into multiple traditional currencies

Employ your capital

Lend your digital assets to others for trading and earn an interest through margin trading loans

Easy to buy Bitcoins

Execute a bank wire transfer to your TOKIA bank account and voilà - you've just bought bitcoins!

Direct blockchain payments card

Tokia - route to excellence

Executed ICO & token sale offered by TOKIA

TenX Monaco TOKIA
ICO date June 2017 May 2017 December 2017
Number of tokens 104 000 000 9 400 000 50 000 000
Token list price 0.95 USD 0.9 USD 1 USD
Funds raised 67 000 000 USD 25 000 000 USD 36 000 000 USD
Average token price paid 0.794 USD1 2.88 USD1 0.69 USD
Price per token November 30, 2017 2.08 USD2 5.61 USD2
Price change since ICO +161% +94%
Average price change after ICO +127% In consistency with market
1 - averages verified at on 30th of November, 2017, 13:46 Central European Time.
2 - prices verified at on 30th of November, 2017, 13:46 Central European Time.
Buy tokens -15% discount

Benefits for token holders

Purchase Tokia tokens and get access to our platform. Different amount of Tokia Tokens unlocks different set of features and perks.

Number of tokens
Priority on Tokia
card waiting list
TKA tokens listed
on exchange
Free exchange forever
10x the number of tokens held
Free multi-blockchain
debit card
Tokia wallet features for free
Upgrade your free exchange limit
x50 the number of tokens held
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Current market offering

  1. Bitcoin in cold storage
  2. Initiate Bitcoin withdrawal
  3. Wait until it is released from cold storage
  4. Initiate conversion to fiat currency
  5. Fiat currency transferred to your wallet
  6. Initiate transfer to your bank account
  7. Wait to receive the funds
  8. Funds arrive - now you can make your purchase
8 steps. Duration: 3 days


Bitcoin is in your blockchain wallet, which is directly connected to your TOKIA debit card.
Pay instantly with your TOKIA debit card. Cryptocurrencies will automatically be converted into fiat currency.
Only 2 steps. Duration: 2 seconds
Token distribution


Round 3



Feb 15 - 28

1 TKA = 0.0014 ETH

Token rate

10 000 000

Hard cap
Round 4



March 1 - 15

1 TKA = 0.0014 ETH

Token rate

5 000 000

Hard cap


Seed round lead by private investors.
(500K EUR)


Technical talent attraction started.


Selection of and negotiations with the payment processor started.


Opening of the development offices.


Token sale started.


Platform setup with payment processing service provider completed.


We plan to be listed on 2 major crypto exchanges.


Tokia Authorization & Settlement Engine (ASE) ready for testing.


Mobile wallet & Exchange ready for use by the general public.


First non-test payment processed via Tokia ASE.


Shipment of payment cards to Customers.


Launch of the cold-storage feature within Tokia Mobile Wallet.


Token distribution

Fund allocation

In order to make TKA token distribution process more efficient, the TKA price will now be linked to ETH: 1 TKA = 0.0014 ETH

Buy tokens -15% discount


Professor Wulf Kaal

Wulf Kaal is a leading expert on Blockchain Applications in broad arrays of industries, initial coin offerings, and smart contracting, as well as private investment fund regulation and compliance.
His scholarship constitutes over 85% of the empirical and theoretical scholarship on Blockchain applications in corporate governance and private investment fund regulation in the United States. Additionally, Prof. Kaal is the leading proponent of dynamic regulatory solutions for innovation.

Kaal speaks regularly at leading conferences in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Engagement speaking includes presentations at the European Central Bank, Harvard University, Columbia University, University of Chicago, George Washington University, Northwestern University, Emory University, University of Notre Dame, Bocconi University, Tilburg University, among many others. Kaal teaches Disruptive Innovation, Coding for Lawyers, Dynamic Regulation, Private Investment Funds, Federal Securities Regulation, Corporate Law, and International Finance. He has previously taught at the University of Minnesota Law School, European Business School in Wiesbaden Germany, and Tilburg University Law School in the Netherlands.‌

Steven Vermeire

Investor, fintech advisor and CIO

Steven is a Managing partner at VCTS, Founding partner at YOUNNIC Capital Partners. He focuses on coaching & supporting technology start-ups/scale-ups, works extensively with fintechs and brings in considearble ITsec experience from one of the largest Belgian companies.

Kevin Allen

Entrepreneur, Crowdfunding expert

Kevin is a founder of QDDTI, was Chief of Staff at Wealth Migrate, a global real estate investment management marketplace, and is the founding Chairman at the African Crowdfunding Association, where he is focusing on bringing together crowdfunding platforms across Africa. He believes we live in an abundant world and is excited about how Blockchain technology will bring this to life.

Hideo Yokoi

Marketing adviser for Japan and SE Asia - Neuromarketing professional

Hideo was well known and respected IT Deputy Director of Kyodo News. Also, a locally appreciated neuromarketing adviser as we well as the NLP professional. Got his Master Practitioner degree at Association for Integrative Psychology earlier in 2017. Currently holds an NLP trainer’s degree.

Team leaders

Anna Lunhu

Founding partner, CEO at Tokia Ltd

Professional in private banking and investment management. Brings in considerable banking experience, including AndBank, Societe Generale of Monaco, Euroclear of Belgium.
A blockchain evangelist, aspiring to develop a top class payment solution for the cryptoworld.

Nathan Tafer

Founding partner at Tokia Ltd

Highly Experienced investment and IPO advisor.
Has worked with major banking sector players, including HSBC Investments, Esperito Santo Investment Bank. Invests in blockchain based fintechs.

Mažvydas Rupšys

Head of Customer Support

Has five years of successful experience in social media and web management. Managing partner at Voicelet, an innovative and growing company.

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