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Is Ethereum dying?

Concerns have been raised after recent price dip on all crypto, including the top two – Bitcoin and Ethereum. For Ethereum it has been on a downward spiral with little sign of change. Ethereum’s falling price…

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TKA token holder benefits and cashback bonus

As you probably already know, we are launching Tokia exchange platform next month! Before that, in order to dissipate misconceptions regarding TKA token benefits and cashback bonus, we are presenting you with detailed clarification. We would…

Tokia News
Tokia cashback bonus

Tokia exchange platform is coming really soon and we would like to thank our community for the support and believe in our vision. The launch of Tokia exchange is planned on 2018.09. We have great news for our…

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What is bitcoin?

In the past few years media has been all about bitcoin. From social media to news broadcasts and even government legislation, not a single day has passed without something bitcoin-related being in the spotlight. The importance…

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Glimpse to Tokia Exchange Platform

Tokia Platform Development We are working hard on the development of Tokia platform, expanding our team and searching for the best technological solutions to provide excellent user experience. Together, we are creating a new design concept…

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What are altcoins?

The bitcoin system, can process only between 3.3 and 7 transactions per second, therefore growing demand has stressed bitcoin’s network, making transactions really expensive. That and few other flaws encouraged the search of alternative solutions. Since…

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How to buy bitcoin or altcoin?

Bitcoin has reshaped many economies throughout the world as payments via bitcoins have become a never-ceasing reality. The usage of bitcoin in general, and daily basis, is significally growing through past few years. According to “Global…

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