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Open letter from Tokia advisor Steven Vermeire

“The roadmap of Tokia is straightforward and it’s important to note that Tokia is still adding development power as well as strengthening their team. (see the career section). Developing a cryptocurrency exchange solution is not only about the speed of the development of different features but more so about the user-friendliness (user interface) and security of the application. These are major elements for attracting as many users as possible on to the platform and building a sustainable Tokia brand.

The community should understand that the debit card is the real milestone and focus of Tokia, and their wallet and exchange are supporting steps toward that goal. Taking that into account, building a very performant Tokia exchange “back-office” is of major importance. The community should expect the full-featured cyber exchange with all the trading goodies.

Tokia team members have presented me the Tokia exchange. I had the honor to be the first one to make a live transaction. Based on what the Tokia exchange platform that was presented to me, I would say that Tokia had made the exchange simple and straightforward. This will help the adoption of users into the cryptocurrency world and guide the Tokia users in performing transactions without the distraction of an overload of bells and whistles. As I understood, more advanced users will get a sort of advanced mode where specific features are available.

I’m happy to see Tokia is step by step developing the solutions they promised in their roadmap and are (pre-)releasing their exchange – clean and easy to use even for the IT-illiterate. I’m also seeing Tokia focusing on better communication with their community with a lot of nice ideas to be roll-out in the weeks and months to come.

Tokia like other start-ups is adapting and changing their team for the better, and together with some of their crypto partners have moved to a new office building just outside the old town. This gives the Tokia team the facilities to do their job, work hard, being efficient and interact with their partner.”

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