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Glimpse to Tokia Exchange Platform

Tokia Platform Development

We are working hard on the development of Tokia platform, expanding our team and searching for the best technological solutions to provide excellent user experience. Together, we are creating a new design concept and expanding and optimising the functionality of the system. We are polishing every edge to make it as user friendly as possible.

Planned launch dates:

The launch of Tokia web: 2018.08
The launch of Tokia exchange: 2018.09

A little sneak-peak:

Therefore, we are excited to give you an exclusive glimpse to brand new Tokia exchange platform concept.


Our goal is to create reliable and effective currency exchange for everyone to use. That is why we are trying to make it very easy to navigate and operate. We are simplifying each little process and shorten all the necessary and optional steps.


Also, we will provide our users with step-by-step guides for each process, so even people who are new to cryptocurrency world could easily navigate and make transactions. Also, we have changed our look! We got lighter, brighter and more confident than ever. We are very excited and can’t wait to present our project.

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